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Why people fight at the workplace or home?


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not philosophy! I am neither giving ‘gyan’ nor competing with gurujis. I am sharing some of the reasons for infighting (or call it as cold war) at the workplace or home. Intruding into their space – When a new person is inducted into the team, ...

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A Patriot’s Verse


Many, if not all of you, would have heard of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or the RSS. RSS was established way back in the year 1925 by Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, who by profession was a doctor. It was his vision to bring back those bygone days of glory that ancient ...

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Why is our country like this?


When I say ‘Why is our country like this?’ so far no one has asked ‘Like what’? Probably, this one question does not need any explanation or background. Everyone understands this question has something to do with ‘public infrastructure’, ‘politics or judiciary’ of this country. I am trying to find ...

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Who is the mightiest?

a footprint on the moon

Who is the mightiest?     What is the most powerful matter or element on this planet? Is it the might of massive armies? the muscles that make our body? ink that flows through a learned quill? the achievements of science? Nay… The most powerful of them all is an ...

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Indians are the most tolerant people in the World

Of late, there has been a great debate about how intolerant Indians (and specifically Hindus) are. Eminent personalities have returned their awards. The situation became grave when few people lost their lives. We witnessed heated discussions on television shows and also had heated discussions with friends and colleagues. Rallies and ...

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The plight of domestic workers

Draft National Policy on Domestic Workers

I am in a half mind about writing this article. I am not sure whether there are many takers for my views expressed here. ‘I don’t know what this housemaid does’ ‘She just takes the salary and never does any work’ ‘She takes leave as and when she wants’ ‘She ...

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Have you heard of a mosquito factory? If not, read this.

mosquito factory

I agree, we human beings have different views and diverse opinions about everything in the world. But we have a common view about one thing, i.e., mosquitoes – We hate them! Mosquitoes cause irritation and illness. Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya etc. are a nightmare to all of us. It is reported ...

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